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Welcome to the Business Training Institute Society

BusinessteamWelcome to Business, the online training platform for the Business Training Institute.

The Business Training Institute has had well over 15,000 professionals from 75 countries enroll in our training programs over the past decade since we started our training business in 2007.  All of our programs are self-paced and can be completed online from anywhere in the world.

If you are already registered for 1-2 certification programs or our Master’s Certificate please login below to access the Classroom areas for the programs that you registered for.  Please find your login and password information in your Welcome Email that is sent from or email us at that email address to have it resent:


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Program Classroom Areas: Below are links to the Classroom areas for each program we offer.  Note: Only those programs you have paid for access to will work and your membership details directly above after logging in will show you what levels are currently unlocked for your studying.  If you have any trouble accessing your classroom area please email Daphny on our team at

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Recruiting
  3. Business Analysis
  4. Event Planning
  5. Project Management
  6. Business Management
  7. Business Coaching
  8. Marketing
  9. Public Speaking
  10. Sales
  11. Customer Service
  12. Public Relations
  13. Business Development
  14. Technical Writing
  15. Supply Chain Management
  16. Purchasing Management
  17. Internet Marketing
  18. Copywriting
  19. International Business
  20. Human Resources