Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There are no prerequisites for any of our programs.

Just an overall grade of 80% is all that is required to pass the exam. These points can be earned in any section of the exam.

To ensure that everyone can register for our programs, we offer a number of ways to pay for tuition-Please view our Payments Option Form. You can also call our offices during normal business hours to register for our programs over the phone. Please feel free to call our office Monday- Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST 305-677-3327

To register for our programs online with our registration form, please click here.

Once you register for a program and login to, you will find the multimedia resources, list of required readings, study guide, and tips for completing that specific certification program. The study guide is also available on the public page of each program, accessible with the menu above.

Every required text is available online, and can be found on website like,, and If you are based within the United States, over 80% of these books can be obtained for free from your public library.

You are welcome to complete as many courses as you’d like. If you are working full-time or completing other coursework, we would recommend that you complete no more than two certification programs simultaneously, but you get to set your own personal limit. There is no deadline, and if you find you need to complete one at a time, you are able to do so.

Our programs are each structured to be 2-4 months long, but you can decide to complete them in 12 months (or more) if necessary. Regardless of the number of programs you have registered for, you are permitted to take as long as you need.

To pass you must earn a grade of 80% or higher between your examination and project. While the exam is designed to be rigorous and thorough most individuals who have read the required readings and invested a significant amount of time studying for the test should do well. The exam is offered 100% online so you may complete it from your place of work or from home if you wish. The exam uses a dual layered IP tracking and password system to prevent abuse and it has successfully been used with over 2,000 program participants in the past.

Our programs were designed for experienced business professionals and students alike. We normally require you to have a degree, but we are happy to work with you and welcome anyone into our certification programs. As a student, you will gain critical knowledge needed to compete in the area of business you prefer to work in.

Our programs can also assist in obtaining internships, and our team provides networking, resume construction, resume templates, and internship advice and resources. Starting your career with this knowledge base can save you years of job experimentation within various roles. As a Accredited Certification Institute certification holder, you have an advantage over others with the same degree. Employers seek those who have taken the initiative to gain additional knowledge relevant to their career.

Most professionals take ~75-100 hours to prepare for our exams. The specific program and your past experience and/or education can affect this, however, by reducing or adding an additional 25 hours to these estimates. We have built our programs to be the most challenging business certifications available. They are not easy and take consistent studying, reading, and reviewing to complete. This lack of ease helps to build credibility and respect for those holding these professional designations. Programs that are easy to pass, not challenging, and low quality, do not increase or improve one’s professionalism.

Our program fees cover tuition, registration, access to our online video, audio, and document resources. It also covers the examination fee, grading fee, and designation fee, as well as the certificate when you pass.

The only fee you may incur may come from needing to retake an examination if you failed the first time. There is a $99 fee to retake an examination.

You are welcome to complete as many of our certification programs as you would like. We recommend completing one or two programs at a time if you are also working or completing coursework elsewhere, but you get to set your personal limit.

Thank you again for visiting us here at Accredited Certification Institute. If you can’t find an answer to your questions above please try our click to chat service, email us at, or call us at 305-677-3327.

Registration for Accredited Certification Institute programs are open on a rolling basis, allowing you to join and begin our certification programs at any time. You can complete the program in 1-2 months or over 12+ months, studying just 45 minutes a week, or 8 hours a week. Since our programs are based on required readings, a study guide, and video modules, it can be completed at your own pace and on your own schedule.

We do not and cannot allow any exceptions to this due to the volume of email inquiries and participants we work with. Once registered for our programs, you will complete the course project (further explained in each program study guides). After completing the program project and submitting it for grading, you will be able to choose your exam date from the twelve offered each year. Please send in the completed project and notify us of your exam date at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date.

Our courses are accredited by The CPD Certification Service. The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and is an accreditation platform working across all sectors, disciplines and further learning applications. CPD uses rigorous guidelines that must be met in order to provide accreditation. The CPD Certification Service works internationally with organizations ranging from small consultancy firms to large training providers such as Finance Training Institute.

Exams are offered daily. We do not and cannot allow any exceptions to this due to the volume of email inquiries and participants we work with. Once registered for our programs, you will complete the course project (further explained in each program study guides). Exams will be offered daily.

All of the programs offered at the Accredited Certification Institute are 100% online and self-study, meaning you get to set your own schedule. We recommend ~100 hours of studying to prepare for an exam, but that can vary greatly depending on your past expertise and how you prepare. There are no deadlines to completing a program, and you can take as long as you need.

Examinations must be scheduled at least 2 weeks before your desired examination date. Examination dates and deadlines to schedule your examination can be seen here. To schedule your examination, please use the scheduling form here.

When you enroll for a free trial as a member of you get full and open access to all 20+ of our certification programs. This 5 day free trial then rolls into a $19.50/Month ongoing membership fee during which you can complete, a certification program, several programs, or complete any set of 5 to earn a Master’s Certificate. Many participants find it takes them 1-3 months to complete a certification program depending on if they are also working at the same time as studying.

Our certification programs can help you: – Quickly gain additional specialized knowledge within highly valuable business niches – Enhance your credibility, resume, and total value in the marketplace – Complete our training programs in just 2-4 months from anywhere in the world

Our programs are offered 100% online.

Exams are given daily. There are no testing centers, and no set time that you need to take your exam on the date of your examination, but you will only have 2 hours to complete the online test. You will be timed through our testing software online, and you will only be allowed to login once. Be sure you’re ready to begin your exam before you login. You will also need a stable Internet connection.

If you have specific questions about your program, please visit the study guide and syllabus located on the program homepage and login page. If the study guide does not help, email our team at and we will help answer your question.

Grading begins after you have completed your exam, and results will be sent to all participants 2 weeks after the date of your examination. For example, if your exam was taken on January 10th, you will get your graded project and examination score on January 24th, 4 weeks later. If you are on a payment plan you will not receive your results until the balance has been paid in full.

Some professionals are pro-active and take their level of knowledge and career seriously. They constantly re-invest in themselves and improve how efficiently and effectively they can produce results for their employers. The certification programs we offer are the most challenging in the business world and if someone has completed one or several of these it is because they have dedicated hundreds of hours in studying these concepts and best practices and at some level have mastered them.

We do not offer scholarships but we do have affordable payment plans, discounts also may vary.

Our programs are built based on what is practical and used in the marketplace today. We do not use traditional textbooks or even professors in most cases; instead, we rely on expert interviews, what really works in the real world, and case studies. Our programs can help select members of your company or whole teams move up the learning curve in just 2-4 months within several high value niches that can pay dividends back to your company in more effective, efficient, creative, and motivated employees. If you pay for an employee or set of employees to complete our program and they do not receive valuable best practices, tips, and valuable strategies you may email us and request your full tuition refund during the first 7 weeks of your registration. We are dedicated to making our programs worth not just $999 each, but at least $10,000 each; our goal is to create programs which are worth at least 10x more than the tuition paid for them.

Our program was designed with the ability to teach and provide value to professionals of all skill levels.

 Participants who complete our program and pass our challenging examination should be able to add a new entry to their resume or online business profile along with three bullet points which describe the new tactics, abilities, and strategies the participant has picked up within the program. Please login to after you have registered to view suggestions on what may be added to your resume once you have completed the specific program you have signed up for.

Yes, we have crafted the designation programs that we offer so that you may take the test online from anywhere in the world. By using a dual layered IP tracking and password system, and by making the exam timed we allow participants to complete the examination from their place of work or home anywhere in the world. In the past 18 months alone we have had participants complete our program from the UK, Switzerland, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia, Brazil and more than 75 additional countries.

Registration is now open on a rolling admissions basis meaning that while space is limited you can register now for the program if you wish and choose from any of our examination dates that line up well with your schedule so that you can complete the full program in 2-3 months or 8-12+ months if that fits your needs better.

Yes, anyone who has failed one of our programs may take it a second or third time. Also if you miss your examination date this is considered a failing grade as well. If you miss your scheduled exam date or fail the exam there is a $99 fee to re-take the exam, complete this form by clicking here.

Yes, you may receive a full refund if you decide not to complete the program. We provide a 100% no questions asked refund within the first 14 days regardless of the reason. This allows you to evaluate our study guide, required readings, and the industry tools and educational video content provided to you within as part of your membership. To cancel your registration, please send us your request via email to