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Mission: Our mission is to offer the most practical, challenging, and globally-valued certification and training programs for business professionals.

Core Values: Our core values include Innovation, Providing Value First, Kaizen (constant improvement), Speed of Implementation, and Focus. Scientia et Celer is written on our Business Training Institute logo, which in Latin reads, “speed of obtaining knowledge.”

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Business Training Institute Headquarters:
Business Training Institute
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Key Biscayne, FL (USA)

Tour our office in Miami, Florida! Many people have asked if they can stop by and say “hello” at our offices. If you would like to come meet our core team, please reach out to us and we can schedule a tour for you sometime soon.

Business Training Institute Faculty

Our faculty and board of advisors are based in over a dozen different countries, such as the United States, England, Australia, China, and Brazil.

Richard Wilson, President

Richard C. Wilson is the founder and President of the Business Training Institute , which runs the Business Training Institute. Due to the realization that most professionals receive very little if any practical training from their employer or school within their specific area of work Richard helped create the Business Training Institute. The mission of the Business Training Institute is to provide practical online training and certification programs for niche professions and industries so that teams or individual professionals may learn only what is relevant and practical, instead of traditional and generic.

Richard is a bestselling author and global speaker at conferences and full day training workshops held each year in cities such as Singapore, Liechtenstein, Brazil, Tokyo, Moscow, New York, and the Cayman Islands. Richard is the author of six books (Example 1, 2, 3, 4) and he has written and published over 5,000 articles that have been read by over 20,000,000 professionals in the business and finance industries. Richard was recently interviewed for Inc. Magazine and featured on the Brian Tracy Show airing on TV through NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS around the country.

Richard has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Oregon State University, an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Portland, and has completed masters level research and coursework on the psychology of influence at Harvard University in their ALM department.

Adriana Albuquerque, Director of Candidate Services

Adriana Albuquerque handles participant inquiries and research projects. Adriana also helps both the Business Training Institute and the Business Training Institute coordinate our global networking events and speaking engagements. She has experience in working for a translation firm, market research, and online education delivery systems.

With her multi-lingual abilities and global business management experience, she worked with Rafael and developed our Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS) program. Some of the video content for this international business designation was recorded in locations such as Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Mexico.

Theodore O’Brien, Technical Advisor

Theodore O’Brien is responsible for advising on technical aspects including web design, exam technology, and program planning. His background is in private equity and hedge fund market research, and he is a frequently published writer on these subjects.

Theo runs one of the most popular websites within the private equity industry and is often referred to as a thought leader within the industry. His experience and knowledge is being applied to our blog, forum, financial analysis certification, private equity certification, and financial modeling certification programs.

Rafael Tassini, Resource Research & Construction

Rafael Tassini was added to our team to help us consistently produce new resources, alumni benefits, and downloadable multimedia from our website. Rafael is an expert in resource research and construction and many of the tools you use within our programs were built with his help.

Rafael’s core experience is in international business and he is currently helping our team develop our Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS) certification program.

Charlie Wilson, Technical Program Producer

Charlie Wilson is the Business Training Institute’s and Business Training Institute’s technical advisor on video and audio programs supplied within all of our training and certification programs. Charlie helps produce DVDs, membership-based websites, recorded phone interviews, and overall training packages. Charlie’s background is in conducting market research and multimedia product design.

To date, Charlie has helped with media production projects related to our Public Relations, Financial Analyst, Purchasing Management, Business Development, Business Coaching, Business Brokerage, and Internet Marketing programs.

Bradley Rosenberg, Advisory Board Member

Brad is the 2nd Vice President of Northern Trust. He previously worked at Performance Trust and his main responsibilities since becoming a member of Performance Trust have been to streamline the Bond Trust Accounting system using his process creation and procedure skills and unique industry experiences. Before joining Performance Trust, Brad worked as a Performance/Implementation Analyst for Guggenheim Partners.

Prior to that, Brad held positions at Guggenheim Funds, UBS, State Street Bank & Trust, and Investors Bank & Trust.  Brad holds a Master of Science degree in finance from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts in business administration, international relations, and global trade from Muhlenberg College.  Brad is also a Certified Exchange Traded Funds Advisor (CETF) by the ETF Institute, in addition, to be a Certified Hedge Professional in Portfolio Analytics by The Hedge Fund Group (HFG).

Vanessa Greenway: Technical Associate

Vanessa Greenway has worked for different global companies as a bilingual Executive Secretary with experience in HR Secretarial and Social Services and Training and Development.

Vanessa Greenway helps to review and improving the Business Training and Business Training Institute’s programs as well as keeping our blog updated with information and sources that will help our new students through the process of becoming a certified translator.

Jeffrey L. Moody, Business Brokerage Trainer

Jeff has over 15 years of business brokerage experience. He is currently the President of the J&S Group, Inc. a business brokerage firm based in Dothan, AL. Jeff opened the Dothan office of J&S Group, Inc in 1995. Since then he has worked with hundreds of business buyers and sellers, specializing in the transfer of privately held businesses and associated commercial real estate. Prior to opening the office, Jeff worked in plant, operations, and general management in the food industry for seventeen years.

Jeff has been involved in many business transfers, both before and after opening the Dothan office. Now he is also associated with Coldwell Banker Commercial Alfred Saliba Realty for commercial real estate transactions. Other past associations include membership in the American Management Association, Institute of Packaging Professionals, and American Association of Candy Technologists.

Jeff is an Alabama Real Estate Broker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Auburn University. Jeff has been the leading faculty member developing our Certified Business Broker (CBB) program.

Cheryl Sklaver, Business Coaching Trainer

Cheryl has over eight years experience as a business coach specializing in business planning coaching and capital raising. As a coach, she helps executives with the following tasks: Clearly articulating their plans for the future, Resolving inconsistencies and filling planning gaps, and Positioning their business to gain access to capital. She has assisted over 50 businesses develop solid business plans used to raise capital through SBA and conventional loans, venture capital and private equity.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Sklaver earned her MBA from Columbia University and worked in corporate finance for ten years. In her corporate roles, she participated in a wide variety of financial projects, including IPO’s, large corporate loans, operating budgets and developing guidance for Wall Street analysts. Cheryl is the lead instructor for our Certified Business Coaching Specialist (CBCS) Program.

Nicholas J. Malino, Business Brokerage Trainer

Nicholas is Managing Director of Tango Equity, Inc. in New York City, which provides investment banking and merger and acquisition consulting to both public and private corporations. Tango combines its expertise in the field of M&A with its strong analytical skills, utilizing a targeted approach to all transactions, blending quality research and analysis to maximize the chances of success.

Mr. Malino started Tango in February 2001 to service several clients with buy-side M&A assignments primarily in the area of temporary staffing and engineering services. The company closed five transactions in its first six months of operations. The Company is headquartered in New York City and has affiliate offices in Los Angeles and Scottsdale.

Tango is now one of the fastest growing M&A consulting firms with aggregate revenue value of sell side inventory of nearly $3 billion. It has engagements with nearly 200 buy-side clients and 46 independent agents and a network of over 1,300 cooperating intermediaries. Tango’s most significant investor is one of the largest and oldest private equity groups in the country. Nicholas has been a faculty member helping develop our Certified Business Broker (CBB) program

Danna Smith, Technical Faculty: Purchasing Management & Supply Chain Management

Danna Smith has spent over 15 years in purchasing, supply chain management, and global sourcing positions. She also has 8 years of experience in design engineering support (product structure and compliance). Her most recent position was Director of Operations and Materials for A la Cart, Inc., a domestic food service equipment manufacturer.

Danna’s purchasing experience has been in various markets including automotive (trucks, buses, and trains), waste management, medical equipment, and food service equipment. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Management and she is currently heading up our Certified Purchasing Management Expert (PME) and Certified Supply Chain Management Specialist (CSCMS) programs.

Katalin Antal, Financial Analysis & Business Analysis Trainer

Katalin is a European based business executive with over 11 years of experience in financial auditing, financial analysis, business analysis, forecasting, management, and controller responsibilities. Katalin has been trained and has lead teams in business and financial analysis at Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world.

Katalin is now head of our Financial Analyst Specialist Certification (FASC), Certified Advanced Business Analyst (CABA), and Certified Business Management Expert (CBME) programs. She is using her deep experience in working as a professor combined with her practical experience and in-depth Fortune 500 training to provide the most practical business and financial analysis programs possible.

Business Program Principles

Ever taken a business course and wondered how you would ever use the information being taught in the real world? Within our programs, you will never think that. Each program we offer is built from scratch and we offer a no-questions-asked money back satisfaction guarantee.

While we give our expert faculty members control of choosing the best practices to be taught, our programs are built using our training platform and following these principles seen to the left.

This assures that you are taught only best practices, formulas, and processes followed in the real world to move past real world challenges. That is why our program provides the most value to professionals and the corporations who use our platform to train their employees.

Learn more about completing programs on our proprietary certification platform by clicking here.



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Note: These are practical industry training and certification programs that you can take at your own pace, and once you join you get lifetime access to these training program resources. This is not training on how to become a licensed broker-dealer.

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