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Technical Writer Certification Program

Certified Technical Writer

From: $49.87

$49.87 / month for 8 months


This professional certification program was developed by the Business Training Institute and is designed for a professional that wants to either step into or further their career in the technical writing industry.  This course will teach you the fundamentals of technical writing along with best practices, mistakes to avoid, and strategies on how to either use technical writing to build a career, business, or to make a living from the technical writing itself.

Required Textbooks

The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing by Krista Van Laan  (ISBN:9781937434038)

Elements of Technical Writing by Gary Blake & Robert W. Bly ISBN#: 978-0020130857

Learning Objectives

Strategies to get hired as a technical writer in industries such as science, engineering, health care, government, business and project management,

How to approach technical writing projects and leverage resources and subject matter

Learn about fundamental terms/techniques, and emerging technology for technical

How to use technical writing as a tool to attract new clients and business

Positioning your expertise through technical

How to find careers within the technical writing

Who is This Program Built For?

Anyone who would like to master the fundamentals of technical writing and how to work as a professional technical writer

Book editors, freelance journalists, and freelance writers who would like to improve their technical writing skills and industry knowledge

Technical writers who would like to earn a designation to show their commitment to the profession

Benefits of the Program

Leverage technical writing to whatever industry you’re in and become a clear and concise communicator.

Advance your technical writing by raising your level of technical writing knowledge and increasing your ability to deliver superior writing with less preparation time.

Lifetime access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the CTW program

How Does This Program Work?

Sample Audio and Video Files

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Study Guide

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