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Certified International Business Specialist

Certified International Business Specialist

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$49.87 / month for 8 months


The Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS) certification program is unique in that it is
modeled after many online courses offered at Ivy League institutions today, offering more value for a
more cost-effective program. The CIBS Program is a self-study program that includes educational
multimedia resources in video form, a study guide, required readings, and a flexible online
examination process, accessible around the world.The Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS) program is sponsored by the GTC Institute andoffered by the Business Training Institute. This certification program is designed to show and certify
that you have gained an in-depth understanding and high level specialized knowledge in international

Required Textbooks

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Road Map For Strategy & Execution by Tarun Khanna & Krishna Palepu

The Marketer’s Bible by Richard Wilson

Competing for Global Dominance: Surviving in a Changing World by Jack S. Katz

Learning Objectives

Master the various ways in which a company can gain advantages by operating on a global scale,
and know these will enough to make sure your company is taking advantage of these
opportunities to the fullest extent possible

Understand the breadth of culture differences in how business is conducted around the world,
allowing you to more quickly assess and adapt to different ways of doing business around the

Gain a solid foundation of global negotiation skills and frameworks that you can use and operate
on regardless of where you are based and which country you are selling your products or services

Learn how to manage some types of international business and finance risks so that you can seek
out the appropriate tools, actions, and resources when needed

Leverage the global business landscape to help your business or employer create more innovative
solutions to solve your domestic and global business challenges

Who is This Program Built For?

Students looking for a career in International Business.

Young Professionals looking to work in the International Business field or for Global Companies.

Anyone interested in a career in International Business.

Existing Business Professionals looking to strengthen their knowledge and credentials.

Benefits of the Program

Compete with others in the job marketplace who are seeking international positions but don’t
have any formal training on this niche area of business

Help your company evolve faster by applying the cultural and negotiation frameworks provided
within this program

How to analyze potential markets to determine their potential profitability and business

How to create content, product lines, and marketing materials for use in several countries,
cultures, and languages at one time

The 7 step formula for taking a product into a new international market

How you can develop a Strategic International Development Plan to use best practices in selling
your firm’s products globally

How to use online marketing, pay per click advertising, and affiliate marketing to reach a global

How Does This Program Work?

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Study Guide

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