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Certified Business Consultant


Certified Business Consultant

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Whether you are currently working in the industry or looking to grow a career in Business Consulting, our program provides participants with hours of audio interviews with industry experts and more than 35 instructional videos covering the fundamentals, best practices, and insights on business consulting.  This certification program requires a timed online examination which allows you to earn a certificate in the area of business consulting and it can be completed 100% online.

Required Textbooks

Learning Objectives

Understanding positioning, industry trends, the best tools, and the components necessary for a successful career in business consulting.

Utilize the best practices, models, and structures to start and grow your own business consulting firm.

Learn from experts with decades of experience in business consulting to provide first-hand insight and best practices to implement.

Gain knowledge in innovative techniques to attract clientele.

Lifetime Access to tools and multimedia business consulting resources found online within the Certified Business Consultant (CBC) Program.

Who is This Program Built For?

Anyone who would like to master the fundamentals of business consulting, learn best practices from the experts we interview for this program, and learn trade secrets that our team has spent over $1M learning while operating our businesses within the data research, conference, physical bullion, and food industries

Consultants working individual, in partnerships, for small firms, or large companies who are looking to start or grow their business in new ways

Professional consultants who are already in the business who would like to earn a designation to show their commitment to mastering the profession

Consultants who would like to develop world class educational components and thought leadership assets to dominate a niche they operate in currently

Consultants who would like to take lessons learned in the CBC to the use and implement with local businesses in their area

Benefits of the Program

Develop real world practical business consulting approaches and skills that you can begin to use immediately from the hours of expert audio interviews, book, and video module content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Learn how to be an effective consultant based on mistakes others have made to more quickly grow your consulting practice through superior positioning and execution of service to clients.

Become more qualified as a business consultant and gain job opportunities such as being hired by a business management, strategic management, or project management consulting firm.

How Does This Program Work?

Sample Audio and Video Files

Sample Video

Sample Audio Interview

Study Guide


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