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How Our Training Platform Works

Our business training programs are self-paced and we now have opened rolling admissions so you may join anytime to complete a single program or our Master’s Certificate program.

Once accepted into our programs, you will use our study guide, multimedia resources, practice test, and the required texts/readings to prepare for the examination. After you enroll, you will have our career coaches and faculty to support you every step of the way as you complete our programs.

Becoming certified means that an organization has trained you and tested your functional abilities within a specific business field to ensure you hold a minimum level of specialized knowledge in that field.

All participants on the platform are given lifetime access to our online classroom hubs specific to our training programs. If you register for our program on Public Relations, for example, you will receive access to the Public Relations Resource Page that includes video resources, audio resources, study guide, practice exam, online examination instructions, and additional study aids.

Our Certification Process:

1)  Register for one of our accredited programs.
2)  Use our study guide, video training modules, practice test, strategic project, support of our expert faculty, and required readings to prepare for the online examination.
3)  Complete the project laid out in the study guide. Send this in complete to schedule your examination.
4)  Earn at least 80% in the online examination and project, and you will be emailed your signed certificate.

Note: As soon as you register for our program you may add a section on your resume, LinkedIn profile, bio, business cards, Facebook page, etc., showing that you are a candidate in our program. Once you complete the program you can place the three or four letters of the program designation after your name.

Master’s Certificate Program: To learn more about how you can complete five of our programs and earn a Master’s Certificate in your area of choice please click here.

Test Drive Our Business Training Platform: To view the type of video modules, study guide, and expert audio interviews you will use in our programs, visit our Login page and type in username: “guest” password: “guest“. This will allow you to see a sample of our video, audio, and study guide resources.

Business Platform

The training platform is based on a multimodal approach to interactive learning that includes screen capture videos, video lectures, audio interviews, audio books, workbooks, practice exams, strategic project and study guides.

First modeled after online learning programs at Ivy League institutions, provides training to the busy, ambitious business professional who values practical knowledge and flexible niche programs over traditional on campus instruction. Traditional courses can take several years to complete, whereas training programs take just 2-4 months to complete.

Each program offered through provides practical, on-the-job type training, and specialized knowledge, which is worth much more than general business knowledge.

What are the benefits of completing your certification programs?

– Quickly gain specialized knowledge within highly valuable business niches, setting you apart from others.
– Instantly strengthen your resume and focus it even further towards your specific industry and career.
– Gain an edge over others through lifetime access to our online video training modules.

Each program we offer provides online training that certifies your knowledge in specific, niche work areas that are not only functional and relevant to today’s business but also in demand.

Login Access

If you are a current participant in one of’s programs, you were sent login details to access your program’s resource page. These details are typically sent within 36 hours of your registration. If you would like us to resend them to you, or if you need assistance accessing the resources area, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at (305)503-9050.

Below are common questions we receive from participants:

How much will it cost to complete two or more of your certification programs?

Registration for each program costs a flat fee of $999 for one program. There are no technology fees, testing fees, testing center fees, travel costs, or study aides to purchase. Tuition covers access to all online materials, the examination cost, grading fee, and the certificate when you pass. The only fees not included, as with most classes, is that of the text books. All of the books required for our programs can be found at, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, etc.

To register for one of our certification programs, select one listed above or visit our registration page found here.

How many hours should I study the required readings and audio/video resources before I take the examination?

Most professionals take (75-100) hours to prepare for our exams. The specific program and your past experience and/or education can affect this, however, by reducing or adding an additional 25 hours to these estimates. We have built our programs to be the most challenging business certifications available. They are not easy and take consistent studying, reading, and reviewing to complete. This lack of ease helps to build credibility and respect for those holding these professional designations. Programs that are easy to pass, not challenging or low quality does not increase or improve one’s professionalism.

Is it possible to complete two certification programs at one time?

You are welcome to complete up to four certification programs at a time. If you are working full time or completing other coursework we would recommend that you complete no more than two certification programs simultaneously. Our programs are each structured to be 2-4 months long, but you can decide to complete them in 12 months instead if necessary. Regardless of the number of programs you have registered for, you are permitted to take as long as you need.

I would like to change my scheduled exam date. Am I able to do so?

Of course! Just send an email at least 2 weeks before your scheduled exam. Please send this email to our team or your program coordinator (found on the program’s homepage or syllabus) and we can update our roster accordingly. Since we offer on-going registrations and the option to set your exam after you feel you have had sufficient time to prepare, you may not need to change your exam date except in the case of an emergency or schedule-change.

Please be sure to let us know about your need to move your scheduled exam at least 2 weeks before your scheduled exam.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the materials before the examination?

If you have specific questions about your program, please see the program resource hub created for that certification within If the study guide found within the resource hub does not help, please review our FAQ here, or email our team at [email protected] and we will help answer your question.

How long will it take to receive my grade after I have completed the examination?

Grading begins after you have completed your exam. Results will be sent to all participants 2 weeks from the date of your examination. If you passed, you will be sent our official certificate in the mail.

To read more commonly asked questions, please revisit our FAQ on this page.

These certification programs help you to quickly gain valuable, specialized knowledge in very niche business subjects, all of which are valuable and in demand today. Since our programs are the most challenging offered you may benefit from placing details about them on your resume, business card, or online profile hosted on sites such as or Twitter.

When you are ready to move forward you may complete the enrollment application to get started.

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