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Online Business Master’s Certificate Program


Start earning your Master’s Certificate today by completing 5 Business Training Institute programs. Our courses are self-study and 100% online, so you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you would like.  We currently offer Master’s Certificates in Business Management, Finance & Investments, Marketing, and Business. You may also create your own Master’s Certification by choosing 5 programs of your choice.

You can register for a Master’s Certificate program at any time on our enrollment page, or by calling our team at (305)503-9050.

Please feel free to download the Course Business Training Course Catalog PDF .

How to Get Started: Register for the CBC now by completing the application below, or by filling in our Payment Options Form. You can also contact an enrollment advisor Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) at (305)503-9050.

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We have a payment plan option to make our programs accessible for everyone.  View our payment plan here.

Payment Options: Register online by using our form below or enroll by using our Payment Options Form. If you need help, call us at (305)503-9050 or email us at

Master’s Certificate in Business Management:

The Master’s Certificate in Business Management is an advanced program requiring completion of a total of five training programs on, three of which are core programs that must be from the Management Department. Current Management Department training programs are offered in business management, project management, and customer service management.

Master’s Certificate in Marketing:

The Master’s Certificate in Marketing requires completion of a total of five training programs on, three of which are core programs that must be from the Marketing Department. Current Marketing Department programs cover Sales, Public Relations, and Business Development.

Master’s Certificate in Business:

The Master’s Certificate in Business Management requires completion of a total of five training programs on This is our most flexible Master’s certificate program, with no core program requirements; this allows you to pick and choose from among all of our departments to create what is going to be most valuable for you and your unique career goals.

Custom Master’s Certificate Program Help: If you would like help designing a Master’s Certificate program that is tailored to you and will benefit you the most. We are in our Miami, FL  office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can reach us over the phone at (305)503-9050 chat live with us, or email us at

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