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Course Overview

The Certified Marketing Expert (CME) 

This designation program is a self-paced training and certification program on marketing fundamentals, industry terms, and best practices. The CME program is self-study and 100% online. When working with clients, feel confident knowing the basic and necessary components of structuring marketing assignments and marketing delivery methods. Maintain success with client retention and ethical considerations and guidelines. This program develops the skills necessary to market effectively.

  • How to build a marketing funnel using thought leadership marketing and assets that you only need to build once but can leverage over and over again
  • To broaden your marketing skill set so that you may apply different tools and resources to unique types of business challenges
  • How to integrate copywriting, social media, public relations, SEO & internet marketing, book publish, consultative selling, and other strategies into a holistic marketing plan
  • Structuring your marketing to provide maximum value and engagement
  • How to attract new customers consistently over time by standing out as the #1 leader in your clearly defined niche in the marketplace
  • Anyone who would like to master the fundamentals of marketing and learn best practices from the marketers we interview for this program, and trade secrets that our team has spent over $1M learning while operating our businesses within the data research, conference, physical bullion and food industries
  • Business owners, marketing or sales professionals, services providers, and consultants looking to grow their business in new ways
  • Professional marketers who are already in the business who would like to earn a designation to show their commitment to mastering the profession
  • Marketers who would like to develop world class educational marketing and thought leadership assets to dominate a niche they operate in currently
  • Consultants who would like to take lessons learned on marketing in the CME to then use and implement with local businesses in their area
  • Leverage marketing to grow your career, business, or customer pipeline.  By building a world class marketing funnel within your niche you can quickly become visible in many industries and niches without spending a lot of money on traditional advertising.
  • Adapt proven marketing strategies to attract customers who are pre-qualified and educated on how to do business with you consistently so your sales and business development teams have leads calling in daily with questions on how to get started in working together.
  • Lifetime access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the CME program which includes 40+ video modules and over 10 hours with bestselling authors and marketing experts, many of which are celebrities in their own right.
  • Scientific studies have shown that earning a certification in a field such as marketing can increase your earning power permanently.
  1. Register for the program and receive login details.
  2. Purchase and begin reading the textbooks.
  3. Listen to and watch all the audio and video content in the classroom
  4. Complete your Strategic Project and prepare for the exam with the Study Guide and Practice Exam
  5. Schedule and Pass your exam to earn your certification

Expert Interviews

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