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Letter From The President

Richard C. WilsonPresident & Founder
Global Training & Certification Institute, LLC
3300 NW 185th Avenue Suite #108
Portland, Oregon 97229

Dear Participants & Alumni,

Thank you for your interest and participation within the certification and training programs we offer here at the Global Training & Certification Institute, LLC. We appreciate your support, questions, and participation as we continually strive to provider better and higher quality certification programs and training workshops to each and every one of you.

Our mission statement at the Global Training and Certification Institute is to offer the most practical, challenging, and globally valued certification and training programs for business professionals. Our core values include Innovation, Providing Value First, Kaizen (constant improvement), Speed of Implementation, and Focus.
Scientia et Celer is written on our BusinessTraining.com logo, in Latin it means speed of obtaining knowledge.

The platform we have built here at BusinessTraining.com is unique and stands alone as the only place where you can earn self-paced and custom selected professional certification programs 100% online. BusinessTraining.com is also the only certification platform which offers quarterly online examinations, video modules, and expert audio interviews as standard within all of our programs.

Through offering very relevant, practical, and focused programs, we have been growing in popularity. We have now served over 3,000 total professionals and we have continued to grow and improve the quality of our programs through and now after the recent financial crisis.

In the future we will be adding Masters Level Certificates, more video modules to our programs, and dozens of additional expert audio interviews as bonus items for our existing programs.

Thank you for your attention and I hope that through one of our programs you too can benefit through some of the 1,000+ video modules that our team has now created.





Richard C. Wilson
President & Founder
Global Training & Certification Institute, LLC
3300 NW 185th Avenue Suite #108
Portland, Oregon 97229