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Certified Associate in Human Resources (CAHR) Classroom


On this CAHR Classroom page you will find our program syllabus, study guide, strategic plan instructions, video tutorials, and expert audio resources.

Syllabus: CAHR Syllabus PDF Format (Right click on hyperlink to “Save As” to your computer)

Study Guide: This program requires completion of a strategic human resources project. This project is a case study based practical application of financial modeling provided within this program. Make sure and not miss this part of the study guide found here: CAHR Study Guide PDF Format (Right click on hyperlink to “Save As” to your computer).

Practice Examination: To help you prepare for the real examination we have prepared a mock examination that is based in Excel and is self-grading. Download this resource here: CAHR Mock Examination Excel Format (Right click on hyperlink to “Save As” to your computer).

Schedule Your Examination: We offer examinations every month on the 10th of each month. To schedule your examination simply complete this Examination Registration Form.

Quick Links:  Use the following quicklinks to jump to the specific content area within the classroom.

  1. Human Resources Expert Audio Interviews
  2. Supplemental Human Resources Video Modules
  3. Human Resources Career Building Tutorials (Bonus Materials)

Human Resources Expert Audio Interviews

Each of the human resource expert interviews below were conducted over the phone and recorded in MP3 Audio format. These may now be listened to now by left clicking on the links below or right clicking on each link and saving the MP3 file to your computer to play at a later time. These will be expanded over 2011 and 2012 and you will have lifetime access to these resources.

Yves Lermusi: Yves Lermusi is CEO of Checkster an online service for recruiters and job hunters. Checkster stands for giving individuals and organizations tools that will help them recognize and grow their talent. Checkster aims to improve the world’s productivity and harmony by increasing job fit and work achievement, as well as personal career satisfaction and fulfillment. Within this interview Yves provides his best practices, insights, and advice on recruiting. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Howard Adamsky: Howard Adamsky is a consultant, writer, public speaker, and educator. He works with organizations to support their efforts to build great companies and coaches others on how to do the same. We suggest you listen to this interview, as well as the others, to  assist in reviewing best practices for the examination, and to help speed up the success of your recruiting business and/or career.  (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Mike Haberman: Mike is “The HR Compliance Guy” which is a consultant and advisor with Omega HR Solutions, Inc. Mike works with primarily small businesses, he helps companies that don’t have a HR professional on staff full time but need help with HR issues. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Suzzane Lucas: Suzzane is an human resources expert who works as a freelance writer who specializes in dealing with human resources issues. She started out writing on human resources as a hobby while working full time in human resources and then switched to writing full time after moving overseas recently. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Jim Ware: Jim is the founder of “The Future of Work Unlimited” and he has helped large companies improve their work policies, Human Resources processes, and structuring more flexible work programs. In his experience, large companies are constantly looking for simple policies, yet he believes that is not the best way to do things. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Lois Melbourne: Lois is a Co-Founder of Acquire, a solutions provider that provides succession planning and workforce analytics in software and consulting firms. Her firm helps company’s form organization charts, and leverage the HR data that have been collecting for years. They help work flows become more visible to make Human Resource professionals more empowered and informed. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Jennifer Loftus: Jennifer is the founding partner of a Human Resources consulting firm in New York City. Jennifer’s firm focuses on providing clients with compensation analyses, cloud-based talent management software, and new employee surveys. Jennifer is experienced in the industry and shares her story of how she got into HR consulting and running her own business in the industry. (Download this Audio Interview in MP3 Format)

Supplemental Human Resource Video Modules

The videos below supplement the required readings and should help provide you with the most updated knowledge on human resources possible. You have lifetime access to this page and we will be updating these resources each year with more resources.

1) Employee Wellness Programs (Download in MP4 Video Format)

2) Employee Handbooks (Download in MP4 Video Format)

3) Employee Assistance Programs (Download in MP4 Video Format)

4) Disparate Impact (Download in MP4 Video Format)

5) COBRA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

6) Cafeteria Plans (Download in MP4 Video Format)

7) Background Checks (Download in MP4 Video Format)

8) ADEA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

9) EPLI (Download in MP4 Video Format)

10) ERISA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

11) FLSA Part 1 (Download in MP4 Video Format)

12) FLSA Part 2 (Download in MP4 Video Format)

13) GINA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

14) FMLA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

15) HIPAA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

16) Independent Contractors & Temporary Workers (Download in MP4 Video Format)

17) Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (Download in MP4 Video Format)

18) NLRA & Unions (Download in MP4 Video Format)

19) Regulatory Acts For Women (Download in MP4 Video Format)

20) Religion in the Workplace (Download in MP4 Video Format)

21) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Download in MP4 Video Format)

22) USERRA (Download in MP4 Video Format)

23) Human Resources Management Overview (Download in Video MP4 Format)

24) Human Resources Management: Acquiring (Download this Video in Mp4 Format)

25) Human Resource Management Basics (Download this Video in MP4 Format)

26) WARN Act (Download in Video MP4 Format)

27) Americans with Disabilities Act (Download in Video MP4 Format)

28) OSHA Overview (Download in Video MP4 Format)

Human Resources Career Building Tutorials (Bonus Materials)

If you are working to become successful in human resources you will need to improve how you market yourself, work witihin a team, and potentially help bring in new clients for your employer in some way. The videos below are bonus training modules that will help you build the business you work in. These videos below are meant to be a value-adding bonus to you as a participant and these concepts are not included within the online examination which you will be completing.

Persuasive Writing (Copywriting) for Business Growth

Work More Efficiently: Time Saving Business Tools

How To Double Your Chances of Business Success

How To Become a Doctor Within Your Business Field

Knowledge Asset Management: A Competitive Advantage For Your Business

Single Focus: The Key to Maximum Productivity

Fertilize Your Brain

Learning Before Outsourcing

5 Techniques to Efficiently Capture Your Business Ideas

Video Book Summary: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible

Paying the Price for Success

The Power of Positive Business Habits

The Importance of Business Ethics to Your Success

The Power of Inevitability Thinking in Business