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How Our Business Training & Certifications Work

How it Works

Each of our business training programs is also a certification program, providing each participant with a certificate within the specific field they are being trained for. Becoming certified means that an organization has trained you and tested your functional abilities within the field to ensure you hold a specific level of specialized knowledge in the field.

Our Certification Process:

Register for one of our Business Training Institute programs
– Use our study guide, multimedia training platform, and recommended readings to study within your field
– Schedule and pass the online examination to receive your signed certificate in the mail

All participants on the platform gain access to online resource hubs specific to your training program. For example, if you register for our program on public relations, you will gain access to the Public Relations Resource page which will include video resources, audio resources, a study guide, online examination instructions, and study aides.

To learn more about a specific program that we offer please select one of the options to the left. Each program we offer provides online training that certifies your knowledge within very specific functional work areas that are in-demand today in business.

To test drive our platform and see what one of these hubs looks like please login using username “guest” and password “guest” on our Login page.

Login Access

If you are a current participant within one of our programs you should have login access to as well as BT Business Association Premium. Registration details are typically sent within 36 hours of your registration, if you need these details sent to you email us at

Test Drive Our Platform

Don’t take our word for it, test drive our platform right now by logging in using username “guest” password “guest” through our Login page to watch a sample instructional video, read a sample study guide, and listen to a sample expert audio interview.


Common questions we receive from participants include:


How many hours should I study the required readings and audio/video resources before my examination?

Most professionals will need to study 75-100 hours to prepare for the examinations but the specific program and your past experience and education can reduce or add an additional 25 hours of time to these estimates. We have built our programs to be the most challenging business certifications available, they are not easy and do take consistent studying, reading, and reviewing to complete. This is what helps build the credibility and respect of holding these professional designations, if anyone could complete the programs they would be worth nothing.


Is it possible to complete two certification programs at one time?

Yes, you may complete up to four certification programs at one time but if you are working full time or completing other coursework we would recommend not completing more than two certification programs at one point in time. Our programs are all structured to be 6 months long each, but you can decide to complete them in 12 months instead if needed regardless of the number of programs you have registered for.


Is it possible to change the session which I am registered for so I can take the examination later in the year?

Yes, you may change your examination date and session participation if needed. Due to the frequent change requests we have received in the past changes cost $35 to process.


What if I have questions about the materials before the examination? Who should I turn to?

If you have specific questions about your program please see the program resource hub created for that certification within If the study guide found within the resource hub does not help please review our FAQ here, or email our team at and we will help answer your question.


How long will it take to receive my grade after I have completed the examination?

Grading is completed within 4 weeks of your examination and grades are sent exactly 4 weeks after your examination date. If you passed, you will soon receive your certificate. If you fail, you will have the chance to re-register for $127 to complete the program again if you want.


Read dozens of additional common questions within our FAQ