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As an Alumni of the Business Training Institute, you are eligible to receive a number of benefits, which include:

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive program resource hub for each certification that you complete.
  • Access to additional ongoing programs on our platform for 30% off the publicly listed price.
  • Lifetime use of the certification/designation name and associated logo on your business card, resume, personal bio, etc.
  • Expert author status on our network of business blogs and websites, enabling you to write and contribute thought leadership resources to your niche market.

How can I utilize the “author status” position I have earned as alumni?

Please take a look at the websites that we run as seen at the bottom footer of our free resources site at this URL Review the sites within our network and then write a 100% original piece of advice, best practices, an email based interview, or a book review related to one of those topics. Our team will then review the piece and if it fits the goals of the site it will be published with your byline or link back to your personal website or profile online at or elsewhere. To submit the article please email us at

Read dozens of additional common questions within our FAQ.

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